Portland Org

January 26/1866


Dear Sir

I have been informed you are writing a History of the late Civil War in America.  If so and the Book to be sold by subscription allow me to solicate (sic) the agency for it for the State.  I have been in the Agency long enough to be well posted.  And for your information - I would refer you to the following gentlemen Messrs late Richard & McCracken forwarder and Common Merchants

Knapp Burrel & Merchants

Messrs W. G. Vaughan Merchants Hardware

 A          Harker Brothers     A         Dry Goods

 A           W. S. Todd of Todd & Tilton Banks

 A            Edwin Russel Bankers Bank of

    British Columbia

 A             A. C. Gibbs     Of this note any of those people are acquainted with me long enough to inform you of my ability to canvas this State.

If you have given the Book to others to Publish and sell them please to forward them this letter.  I am now canvassing for the life of Washington by the Hon T. J. Headley and am well posted with the country and am sure such a book as yours would sell readley (sic).  And that I think it my duty to put the book before public with all the help I can procure if I am successful anough (sic) to get the book

I will with patience wate(sic)

your reply while I am

yours very truly

With respect


Gen R E Lee

Proff Robert Parker


Notation on reverse in General Lee=s handwriting:

26 Jany >66

Robert Parker

wishes agency to

sell History of War in Oregon


Ansd 19 Mar