Saint Louis, Missouri

Jany 26th 1866


Genl: Robert E. Lee

Pres: Washington College

Lexington, Virginia.

Dear Sir:

I have lately seen some notices in the papers in regard to the College in Lexington, and address you this note to say.-

That I have two nephews whom it is my desire to educate and I have them at schools not altogether my choice, one of them about 18 years of age is at Shelbyville Ky.  He served three years in the Confederate Armies in Ark: was shot through the lungs at Pilot Knob, was taken prisoner - was released by my influence and request - and, when recovered sufficiently - placed at Shelbyville: he will soon have completed his first year at that College, The other one, is 14 years old, and is at Racine College in Wisconsin. (60 miles north of Chicago.

Of course neither of them are far advanced, not more than ordinary reading - spelling, writing and Arithmetic.

They would both prefer a school in Virginia - and the object of this is to request information about your College, (etc)

Ages, and advancement at which admitted - terms per annum. etc.  Would like to have a catalogue etc. as to time of commencement etc

If convenient I will be obliged to you for information -

Very truly

J. T. Twinley

( a graduate of U.S. M.A. in 1846

Now a citizen of St. Louis


Address me at

Lindell Hotel

St. Louis


P. S.   I have at schools 5 nieces, ranging from 12 up to 18 years of age - What opportunities exist in your section of Country for females to be well educated? As all of them would prefer Va to where they are,

I prefer Episcopal training for all


Notation on reverse in General Lee=s handwriting:

26 Jany >66

J. T. Twinley

in reference to schools

for boys & girls


Ansd 30 Jany >66