28 Amity St.

    New York 27 Dec. 65.



In conversing with a young gentleman from Augusta, a Wm Townsend, I learned a few days ago that you are engaged with writing a history of the war in which you have been so prominent a commander.

The object of the liberty I take as a stranger in addressing you, is to offer myself to translate the anticipated work under your own direction & control, into French & German, or Italian.  Through my literary connexions abroad I am in a position to secure to you the copyright in each respective country and under most favorable terms.

As regards my linguistic abilities for the accomplishment of so great a work, I should state that I am indiscriminately conversant with the three languages alluded to, which I both speak and write perhaps with some superiority to my native tongue.

I am Scotch by birth and was a staff officer in the Austrian army & special courier to the Emperor at 18 years of age.  I left the service after the Hungarian war & for the last twelve years have aided as foreign correspondent to English French & German newspapers in various parts.  I have been in this country about 18 months, briefly engaged in the study of American institutions & society.

Wishing to keep to myself the object thus brought to your notice, I have abstained from courting anywhere a note of introduction, and simply beg to name Mr Ch. Lasalle editor of the Courier des Etats-Unis., in this city, as a friend & referee in case you should think proper to communicate with me on the subject.

At any rate a line in reply from you, General, will be esteemed a favor by

Yours most respectfully


H. G. Aryman


Gal R. E. Lee


Notation on reverse in General Lee=s handwriting:


27 Dec >65

H. G. Aryman

wishes to translate

campaigns into French, German &



Ansd 3 Jany >66