Decr 27th /65

Gen R E Lee,

Dear Sir

Excuse the liberty I take in addressing you, my object being to ascertain if students will be received in Washington College on the 1st of February 1866, or only at the opening of the College in the fall.  If allowed to enter with February, I wish to know the conditions on which they can enter, their expenses from this time to the close of College and if anything is lost in a pecuniary point of view, or otherwise, by their entering at that time, in preference to fall the opening of College in the fall.  Will please give me the desired information, Send a catalogue of the College and oblige,


Direct to Paris Fauquier                                     Yours Respectfully

Co. Va.                                                                          Gilbert B. Gibson


Notation on reverse in General Lee=s handwriting:

27 Dec >65

Gilbert B. Gibson

in reference to W. C.


Ansd 5 Dec=65 (Obviously he means 5 Jan >66)