Original (Not in General Lee=s handwriting nor bearing his own signature).


Reply to the within                                                   Lex. Va. 28th. Sept 1866


My dear Sir,

In reply to your letter of the 26th inst. I will state that I understand that the Rev. E. P. Walton, who is an agent for the Trustees of Washington College, to collect funds for the enlargement of the Institution, and extension of the studies, is on a visit to Philadelphia for that purpose.  From your description, I presume he is the gentleman, to whom you refer.  I think you will find him a pleasing gentleman.  He is the son of a distinguished Presbyterian preacher; is a native of Jefferson Co. Va., & connected with highly respectable families in that region: among others, the Lewises & Opies.  Mrs. Riddle, the wife of Senator Riddle of Delaware, I believe, was Miss Opie.  Mr. Moncure Robinson of Philada, I should think, would be acquainted with Mr. Walton=s relatives, if not with himself.


Very respy. Your obtservt.


(Signed)              R E Lee


Note on back:

Philadelphia, Penn,

 Sept 26th, 1866



James L. Bewley,

inquiring as to Rev. E. P. Walton=s

authority for acting as agt.

for Trustees of Wash. College.


Ansd as within, (The following in General Lee=s handwriting) 28 Sept - Ansd __