Fredericksburg Dec 29th 1865


General R. E. Lee,-


I have the honor, to ask for a reply, to a letter from my uncle, Mr. G. B. Lamon in relation, to schools in Virginia.  I am very deficient, - even more so, than most boys of my age.  Yet, still I, hope to recover what, I have lost during the last war,- I, am the son of a Confederate officer, and, who died in the service of his country. - Genl Hugh McLeod, of Texas,- My, Father was a graduate of West Point, but, I have quite enough of AMilitary@ for the present.  I would like some, preparatory school for the University.  Please send me, your answer to my uncle, and, - oblige, Yours

Most Respectfully,

     Cazeneau McLeod


P.S. Direct to C. McLeod

Care Mrs. J. T. McDowell




Genl R. E. Lee




Notation on reverse in General Lee=s handwriting:

29 Decr >65

C. McLeod - desires

to prepare himself for

the University


Ansd 4 Jany >66