New Orleans Dec 29. 1865


My dear Sir.

I take the liberty of dropping you a note which I hope will not be regarded presuming.

I have re-established my Review upon a large National basis but in the course of a Southern tendency, & an intense purpose to aid in the re-constitution & restoration.

My chief office will be at No 40 Broadway New York where I may be addressed.

Should you have the leisure at any moment I will be glad to receive a paper from your pen upon any subject germane to the work & would make liberal compensation if desired.

The Review will be sent to your

address as a compliment

With high regard


J. D. B. DeBoor

Ed. Dillon=s Review

Genl Robt E Lee


Notation on reverse in General Lee=s handwriting:

29 Decr >65

J. D. B. DeBoor

offers to send his



Ansd 20 Jany