Near Cartersville 29 July 65


My dear Revd Minnigerode

The accompg letter will give all the information I have of the interment of Col: Simmons.  I regret I can give no clue to his grave.

I am very glad to hear of Mrs M's improved condition & of Charlies progress to recovery.  Please give both my warm congratulations & say best wishes for continued improvement.  I am glad that Miss Sue is so skilled & efficient.  The young soldier she is to marry will be doubly blessed.  I trust you may be permitted to visit Mr Davis.  It will be such a comfort & such a happiness to him.  If you can, say to him that I have not words warm enough & strong enough to express the deep sympathy & constant solicitude I feel for him.  And amidst all is the distressing feeling that I can do nothing.  I trust it may not always be so.

I hope all of our friends in Richmond are well.  We think constantly of them.  My daughter Agnes is very sick, having taken with fever a fortnight since.  Mildred is her constant --?-- & has no one to relieve her but myself- Her mother cannot get to her room.  Mary is in Staunton & Custis has been sick (Page 2) at Mrs. Cockes - I hope she is a little better but her disease is not vanquished.  I wish we could see you sometimes.  I do not know when I shall have that pleasure.  I desire to write the history of the Campaigns in Va - But do not know whether I can do so.  All my records, letters, actions, plans etc etc are lost or destroyed.  To give a truthful history of the hardship services & heroism of the Army of N. Va: is now the only tribute I can pay to their valour & devotion

May God grant us his mercy and protection

Give much love to all your family

Very truly yours

R E Lee


Revd Chas: Minnigrode D. D.