Facsimile from Bonaparte Papers


Baltimore 31 July 1852


My Dear Mr. Bonaparte

My brother has a small package for his son Fitzhugh, which he is anxious he should get, as it contains some necessary clothing he inadvertently left behind, may I therefore ask the favor of you or Jerome to hand it to him, that being in my opinion the surest way of it reaching him.

Tell Mrs B_ she has taken  away a great part of my regret at leaving Baltimore by going away herself & diminished my reluctance to reach W. P. by placing herself there.  I am very glad to hear that you both have recovered from your fall.  I saw John yesterday.  He said all were well & the horses nearly recovered from their injury.  One horse entirely.

Mrs M. Louis & the Judge have gone to Cape May.  Mrs L has been at A_ for some days.  I go on in the 4 o=clock train.  All my things are shipped to N.Y.  I have wound up my matters at S. except for settling the accounts-

Remember me to Mrs B. Mrs W & Charly

& believe me very truly yours


R E Lee


Mr. Bonaparte