Lexington, Va.

    Feb 11th >52



Mr Sartain

I present myself once more before you with an article in my hand for your Magazine.  It is an historical sketch of olden days, and is enough out of the ordinary line of subjects to help to add variety to yr. charming pages.  If it should meet with a kind acceptance from you - and if a contribution entitled APassages for a Sentimentalist - sent by me to you some few weeks since, has been also accepted, will (Page 2 ) you permit me to request the appearance of this historic story first in yr. Magazine.  The two poems enclosed, were accepted, as two several notes from Prof. Hart informed me, one nearly two years ago, the other one year ago.  I only re-copy and send them now, because I supposed they might have been lost in the transfer of the Editorship.  If you are willing to accept them still (as well as the two other prose articles) may I not have, thro= one of yr. clereks, a line signifying as much.  For if you do not wish them, they will be available to me for the other Magazines to wh I contribute.


Pardon me for troubling you about this financial part of yr. Magazine as I am ignorant of yr modus operandi in regard to the payment of yr writers.  I was always accustomed to receive transmitions thro= Prof. Hart without any order.  Is an order necessary?  If so, how long after the publication of pieces should it be sent?  To prevent any misunderstanding, as the mails now are so irregular, let me say that I have not received anything for the story in the Jan. No.  This I say, lest it may (Page 4) have been sent.  With many apologies for vexing you with so long a note when you have to be troubled with the inspection of such a mass of matters,

Believe me with every respect


 Margaret Junkin


The former Editor promised me $10 for the Ballad of AWilliam the Conqueror A - (the other is the same length ) - Is such still yr allowance?