Arlington House 12th March


My Dr Sir Philip.


Will you help out a poor author, & truly my Dr Sir ( a poor Manager) by a paragraph for the 8th of January in yr Monday=s paper.


The 8th was originally performed in New York 3 years ago on the 8th Jany, & received with distinguished applause.  It was then a National Afterpiece in one Act, now remoddelled into a historical Opear in two acts.  Your old friend a farmer turned Dramatic author hear him sing sing clearly successfull in the Historical Play of Pocahontas or the First Settelement of Virginia & the National Drama of the Indian Prophecy, & the Rail Road, the latter (Page 2) two performed on the Washington boards Pocahonats in Philadelphia.  George has been unfortunate, but is a good liberal fellow, & the Apoor rogues of players@ my D Sir; labour hard for our amusement, & ought not to starve in their vocation - Say something for us in Mondays journal my Dsir D


In haste Believe me Truly yr Friend

& Svt


George W P. Custis



Philip Richard Fendale Esqr


Address on envelope:



Philip Richard Fendale Esqr

National Journal



Custis, George W. P.

Washington 12th March 1830