L-J Ltr 14 JAN (No year) Lexington, Va Jan. 14 Mr Sartain, I herewith send you an article for yr. Magazine, wh I trust you will find up to yr literary standard in a literary point view - for I, as one of yr contributors, have the character of yr Mag. too much at heart, to desire its acceptance, if it should not be. I beg you will (Page 2) give me the encouragement of an early insertion for it, for it is a great encouragement, and I hope you will not think $20 too high a demand for it when you find that it contains three pieces of poetry, for wh if you you should accept them singly, you wd be willing to allow $5 each. (Page 3) I am delighted that "Sartain" is so greatly distancing all other competitors, and I trust that under yr own Editorial auspices, still farther advanced are in store for it. Be pleased to enter my name on yr subscriotion list for one copy of the Magazine, and retain out of the price to be paid me for the story in the January (Page 4 ) No. The subscription fee. With highest respect Yrs, Margaret Junkin My address is Miss Junkin Care Rev. Dr. Junkin- President Washington College Lexington Virginia Is it necessary to go thro' the formality of giving an order in receiving payment from you for articles?