War Dept. June 16th 61


Commander Dahlgren

U. S. Navy Yard, Wash=n, D. C.


Have your steamers ready for transporting the 71st to Alexandria if there be signs of battle there at any time.




Rec=d 8 P. M.





War Dept, June 17/61


Commander Dahlgren


Have two (2) companies been detached from the Navy Yard?  If so, to what point and by whose order?


Winfiled Scott


Rec=d 11.15 P. M.



Commander Dahlgren - G:

Please send the Seventy First (71st) to Alexandria by daylight tomorrow morning to remain with Col Heintzleman if needed.


Winfield Scott

War Dept, June 17th/61                                                           Rec=d 1125 P. M.




To Capt Dahlgren, U. S. Navy Yard, Washn DC:


Headquarters Army, Washington, June 18th 1861,

11.30 A. M.


Lieut. General Scott requests you will send steamers down to Alexandria for the companies of the Seventy First (71st) this afternoon - Another regiments goes down today to replace it-


E. D. Townsend

Ass=t. Adjt. Gen=l.

Recd 11.30 AM          






Capt. Dahlgren - G:

Headquarters Army, June 18th, 1 P.M.


And not send howitzer seamen or company at bridge:


Winfield Scott


Rec=d 1 P. M.






Headquarters Army, Washington

Capt. Dahlgren, U. S. Ny G:      June 19, 10.45 P. M.

Please send the Seventy First (71st) Regiment in steamers to arrive at Alexandria by daybreak but not to land unless needed for defense of that place-


Winfield Scott


Rec=d 10.55 P. M.





War Department June 24th 10.15 AM


Commdr Dahlgren

Navy Yard


Come immediately to my office Second Story next Genl Scotts office with your Papers & Maps