Yorktown Va

  June 16th 1861


Hon John W Ellis


I have been compelled to send recruiting officers home to get more men.  Sickness and casualties soon reduce a Regt far below its paper strength.  There are generally from 115 200 of 1st Regt reported unfit for duty and our sick list is very much below that of other Regiments.  Will you be so kind as to get the Convention to raise this number of Privates from 100 to 125.  This would give us generally, a 1000 men for duty, the right number for effective service.


The cartridge boxes procured at Raleigh were rotten and we got no cap pouches.  In consequence of this want, we have (Page 2) lost a great deal of ammunition and caps.  I sent an officer to Richmond with Directions to procure the needed articles from the Confederate States if possible, otherwise at our own expense should N. C. refuse pay the bill.  I think that Colonels of Regts ought to be empowered to get a complete outfit for their regiments.  This is the case in the British Service.  Almost every thing is done according to Regiments.



We are in urgent need of more troops at this place.  Could not one or more Regiments be sent from N. C. with the condition annexed that they were to be Brigaded together at Yorktown?  I have been placed here by Genl Lee under a junior Colonel and these results are liable to be repeated until we are together (Page 3) in large enough force to command respect.


I hope that you will pardon the suggestions made.  Nothing but imperative necessity has compelled to make them.  My duty is simply to obey orders


Yours truly


D. H. Hill

Col 1st Regt NC


Note appearing on Page 3:


Col. D. H. Hill

  June 16, 1861


About increasing the

complement of a Regiment,

equipment of 1st Reg. &

keeping them together