Near Petersburg 1 Mar >65


My dear Mrs Daingerfield


I have recd your very kind note of the 13th ulto; accompg the package of socks which you sent for my use.  I am truly obliged to you for your remembrance of me, but you must not suppose that I require anything to remind me of my early friends, particularly him whom I esteemed among those most cherished, & with whom I passed so many happy days. We must not repine that he has gone to a better world, & is spared the pains & trials of this-

I wish I could see the good, that you expect to result from my new apppointment, I should have preferred it to have been given to any one else, & I fear you are preparing yourself for a grave disappointment - I can only pray that God may strengthen the hearts of our people , that he may bestow upon them the fortitude to enable them to bear the trials he thinks proper to impose upon them, & make them worthy of the good he has in store for them,

With sentiments of great esteem & friendship

I remain truly yours


                                                                                                                R E Lee


Mrs. Margaret B. Daingerfield