On the reverse:

1793 Shirley May 20th 1793




Let a few words suffice in answer to yours of the 17th Instant - The only objection we ever had to your connexion with our beloved Daughter is now entirely done away; you have declared upon your honour that you have given over all thoughts of going to France, and we rest satisfied with that assurance; as we certainly know that you have obtained her consent you shall have that of her parents most cordially to be joined together in the holy bonds of Matrimony, whenever she pleases, and as it determined only the approbations - Inclinations and sincere affections of all the Friends as well as the parties immediately concerned we think the sooner it takes place, the better-

Mrs Carter and I, are perfectly persuaded that our dear girl will (Page 2) and we flatter ourselves, that you will be to her a most affectinate and loving (?) Husband   in full confidence of which, I beg leave to subscribe myself-

Yours very affectionate


Chals Carter


The ladies do not

intend to Wmsburg



Henry Lee Esqr




Cs Carter


Chas Carter of

Shirley consenting

the marriage of

daughter Ann to

Genl H. Lee




                                                         The Governour