Arlington House 23 June (1817 entered in pencil)




You will no doubt recollect your having called at this place about 12 months ago, to receive the U S Tax on my property in Virginia, & your having politely agreed, that I should pay it, by placing the amount to yr credit in Bank of Potomac, in Alexandria.  I did so, & the money has been yours for 12 months past - Judge then of my surprise on being told, that my land would be sold for taxes paid 12 months since - A sense of common justice, a respect for your  own reputation will I am sure, induce you to represent this matter, in such light, as to prevent the sale of my property, by the Principal Collector - I believe there is no appeal but to (Page 2) the Congress of the United States, to whom of a last recourse, I shall be obliged to report - I hope however, that this unpleasant business, may be settled without such reference, which would make more noise than to make a scene is worth


Respectfully Sir

I remain yr obdt Servt


George W. P. Custis


To L Littlejohn Esqr



Address on the reverse:


Fm. Geo. W P. Custis Arlington

June 24th and 25th 1817

a Check on the Bank of

Potomack- Alexandria



To L Littlejohn Esqr


Leesburg Virga