N. O.   Oct 25/82



My Dear Judge-

I send you Mr Mannings answer which is very lucid & to the point - i.e. it must not be a Apolitical work-@ except- as to the discussions of the War- it must be entirely finished before submitting it to the publishers, & must not be offered to the difft ones at the same time - All of which can, I think, be easily complied with-

Who that AGeneral Officer@ is, I cannot tell, there are so many of them about- N. G.- but I would not give much for his opinion as to Astyle@ & Apolitical@ bearing of the Book - Still it is well to be Aforewarned@ which will enable us to be Aforearmed.@

I suppose that I will soon hear again from Massie - that (Page 2) is, as soon as he shall have conferred with Mr Derby- but his views will doubtless be those of Mr Houghton who derives them from Mr D. - The latter said, & remembering from one of his letters, that he so recommended certain slight changes to be made-

Please return me Mr Mg=s letter, after ypou are thro with it.

Your friend


 G. T. Beauregard


Judge Alf Roman

At his Court

N. O.


P. S. By the by, permit me to digest that in the narrative, the name, AGenl Bbeauregard,@ shd be less often separated - I think it would sound better.  G.T. B.


P.S.2- We had better send to Mr. Manning as soon as possible all that we have copies of the 1st & 2nd Vols. together with what is in Pha

G. T. B.