I was so glad to hear from you again my dear Abby & to know that absence not dimished your affection   I have thought much of you all & wished to write but did not know your direction & even now I fear this letter may not reach you as I do not know at what Hotel you are passing the winter.  It must seem quite natural to see Helen with a baby   she was always such a manager of children, you must give her our united & warmest love to her - If she was here now what a fortune she might make in the millenary line   Agnes is rather slow at the business but she is so rapid she would get all the custom, you would be astonished at the number of weddings & parties here one or the other almost every night   I wonder people can enjoy such things in these troublous times, I heard a great deal about all from your friend, who paid me a long visit, My husband arrived tonight I see him quite often & my sons occasionally   They are all quite well & would send much love if they knew I was writing   I think camp life agrees with them for they all look well & handsome   I should love so much to see you all again under that dear roof where we have met so often, but alas now many would be absent.  Do you ever hear any thing of the Gruleys   I do not if they are yet in this land of sorrow - The giirls write in much love   Remember us to your husband and sisters & all enquiring friends   If I hear you receive this safely I may write again   Oh for some hours of free communion


On the reverse:


Letter received by

Abby L. Cook from Richmond

Mrs Robert E. Lee - Gen C.S. A

At New York Jan 27t 1865