My Dear Sir                                                         Alexandria Novr. 28,1801


If Gen Lee is not at Baltimore be so kind as to address the enclosed to Philadelphia and send it to the post office.

Your friend Murray is expected here hourly by water or by land.  The beau will give a shock to merchants of enterprise every where in this country: The invisible effects of universal beau after such a war can be mere conjecture.  I augur good.  On the part of Britain the treaty is liberal and magnamimous: On the part of Bonaparte fortunate and wise.

Should Bonaparte live which I hope, even here we can feel the benefit by restraining the sallies of wild irrational expetriments upon fundamental laws & constitutions.  If your private affairs have received as much advantage by the leisure of private life to attend to them, as mine have, you may be pleased as I am with the change. To each (Page 2) of us the manner has been unpleasant but for that it is our consolation that neither is to be blamed.  Should you pass through this town ever I hope again to see you.


Charles Lee


On the reverse:


28 Nov. 1801


To James McHenry Esq