Near Cartersville

29 July >65


My dear Fitzhugh

I was very glad to receive by the last Packet from Richmond your letter of the 22nd.  We had all been quite anxious to hear from you & were much gratified to learn that you were all well & doing well.  It is very cheering to me to hear of your good prospects for corn & your cheerful prospects for the future.  God grant they may be realized, which I am sure they will be (Page 2) if you will unite sound judgment to your usual energy in your operations.  As to the indictments, I hope you at least may not be prosecuted.  I see no more reason for it, than for all who ever engaged in the war.  I think however we may expect procrastination in measures of relief, & denuncialary threats etc - We must be patient & let them take their course.  As soon as I can ascertain their intention towards me, if not prevented, I shall endeavour (Page 3) to procure some humble but quiet abode for your mother & sisters, when I hope they can be happy.  As I before said, I want to get some grass country, where the natural product of the land will do much for my subsistence.  I rode down last week to your Uncle Carters, & spent a day with him & one at Belmead & --?--.  On my return I found Agnes quite sick, she having been taken with fever the day I left.  She is better I hope poor child, but terribly reduced & prostrated, nor is she yet relieved of her disease.  Custis I hope is well but still complaining.  He spends most of his time with Misses Cocke, & should he not get a position at the Mil: Institute, speaks of joining (Page 4) your party, as he is tired of doing nothing.  Your Mother is about the same, but suffers much from the hot weather which causes her feet & limbs to swell & gives use to pain.  Mildred is my only reliance & support.  She is very active & attentive & but for her I do not know what Agnes would do.  Our house is small & excessivley hot, more so to me than a hut would be.  Our neighbors are very kind & do everything in the world to promote our comfort.  If Agnes is well enough, I propose next week to ride up to --?--.  I wish I was near enough to see you.  Give much love to Rob & John, the Carters --?-- etc - All unite in love & best wishes for you all - most

Afftd your father


R E Lee