Arlington House 2nd Decr 55



My Dr Mr Lossing


Many thanks for the fine engraving of Pocahontas merriage, that you have been so kind as to send me, I estemm it highly as well for its excellence as a work of art or for its being a present from you, and from my having had something to do with the fame & merriage of Pocahontas in a National Drama of that time written by me some 15 years ago & performed at the Theater of the United States and West Indies, with most distinguished success.

You will see my Standard Portrait of Washington in the Intelligencer of about the 26th Novr.  It is so well received by the American People, that I have already received a complimentary letter from the late President of Princeton College on the subject, - Stueart Trumbull, and the Soldier Artist, & C W Peale, furnish the matereals.  To be done in America , & by an American Artist.   Huntingdon of yr City I should presume should be the Artist. And (Page 2) New York the studio for you have Trumbull in the City Hall.  If Equestrian, I object to Trumbulls Horse which is cream coloured and biting his knee, which is in bad taste, where the variety I think, that my white Horse here is better.-

It must be a great work, make a large fortune to the artist and descend to the venuration & delight of Posterity.-- My old picture here of the Provincial Colonel in 1772 must contribute to soften down the old age of Stuart, & give something of the Hero in the prime of Life-

Fortunes are making big pictures ofWashington the Beloved.  But go, but let us have good ones.

I am just finishing my large Battle of Trenton, 9 feet 9 inch by 6 feet 7 in.  I think you will like it.  The Cheif & the white charger will I am sure please you, I am about spreading another canvas, for the Battle of Monmouth.  This if my life is spared I will do, if some native genious and untiring unflinching labor will do it.

My health is better    my love to you and yours God bless you my D Sir

Yr Faithfully   George W P. Custis


Address on reverse:



Benson S. Lossing Esqr


New York