Arlington. April 30th



Dear Cousin Nat.


I have been thinking of writing to you for some time, to tell you how very much obliged I am that you should have taken the trouble to send me those nice apples.

I assure you dear Cousin, that I recd no present that I felt more grateful for than yours.  I hope you will believe, when I tell you so.  It was so kind of you to think of me.


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Your brother Charles was at the wedding.  This pretty little wife sent me such a beautiful present.  Wasn=t it sweet of her?  I have just got back from Lucy Carter=s wedding; we are you know very much like sisters.  Now that we both are married - I am afraid we will not be so much together.  Mr Crenshaw the genntleman she married, is a very nice young man, his mother was Spanish.  She speaks with a decided accent too.  He=s very well educated.  Interesting to young ladies.

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Cousin Anne Marshall I have often heard speak of you, with much affection.  She is much better this spring but does not walk yet.  How are all my cousins in Staunton?  Give much love to them for me & keep a great deal for yourself, dear Cousin Nat.  If we go through your town next summer, I hope to see you again.  Until then believe me, with great affection to be

Your attached cousin

Charlotte W. Lee