London Jan. 30th 1873

My Dearly Beloved Wife:

I am sorry I have found it necessary to remain a few days longer - but after looking the whole field over I did not see how I could do otherwise - for there are two things I have all the time had in view while here and they both demand a few days more - 1st I am invited to deliver an address before the Society of Arts which they will publish - and that will not only diseminate information about Virginia but will also give me a recognition in circles where such a reference is worth much in a business point- and then I have well under way the large sale I wrote to you and that I desire to consummate before I leave it that my trip may prove a financial success. & Lastly I am certain to have a much better (Page 2) passage if I wait until towards the last of Feb.  I am offered a choice of passages - one on the 20th and one on the 25th - My lecture being on the 19th I can hardly reach Liverpool for the 20th and I am shut up to come on the 25th.  Mr. Easton left on the 28th and will be home about the time you get this - he will give you all details of news - I sent one of my trunks by him and in it are two suits of clothes for Mr. Harvey Effinger and one for Nelson - Please give them to them.  I have written Mr. Effinger and asked him to give you the money I paid for the clothes if you want it- and also asked him to pay up the Piedmont & Arlington Life Ins: - I hope he had done this so the policy will be good until I return - If he does not do it you ask Mr. Euston to fix it for me until my return.  I sent in the trunk the three kinds of linen you wanted & shall bring the other things (Page 3) when I come.  I was so sorry Euston missed the china we had brought into the steamer - it was so bad - I wanted you to have it before I reached home.  I got you the greatest beauty of a set you ever saw - greenway leaves on white - But I shall send it by the next steamer.

I hope Mr. Allen has found something to do - If nothing else is on hand they may take the map of Botetourt and put in a sheet of bucked paper to the scale of one inch to a mile - doing it like Augsuta Co. engraving in all respects - also the maps of Montgomery, and Wythe - and, the map of Campbell Co. - I think they are all in my closet - I want the work thoroughly well done - and it will keep all busy until I come.  I feel quite confident of the financial (Page 4) result of my trip and that I shall soon be able to do better for you my dear one than I have ever had it in my power to do before.  I am writing in my Adykes@ white choker, swallow tail etc as I am going to Sir H. Bradys to dine and meet the editor of the Times; the Mayor of Exeter etc, so you must excuse this hasty note - for I could not let the steamer go without writing you.  I shall write to Mr. Euston by next steamer - He must do all he can to get contracts for land - and tell him to write to Cowan to get his contracts for 44000 acres in good shape as well as all others.

God bless you all, my dear ones - Your ever loving



Jed. Hotchkiss



Address on envelope:


 Mrs. Jed. Hotchkiss

Lock Box 231



U.S. America