Sweet Chalybeate Springs

July 30th 1870


My dear Sir:

Your very kind note to Mrs. Johnston found her unwell - and being still unable to write, she desires me to express to you her cordial thanks for it.  Under the instructions it contains she began at once to take the medicine.


The drivers of the two stages that took our party, including the Andersons from the Healing Springs to Covington, were in a frolic - and drove roughly and recklessly enough to affect the systems of healthy people - and made Mrs Johnston seriously sick.


We find this place very comfortable in all respects - and the bathing agreeable.  Much more so than the hot baths.  Mrs Johnston has not been well enough yet to visit at the Sweet Springs.  Miss Byrrie, who has just (Page 2) just left us, said that her Mother is not well enough to visit.


We find agreeable acquaintances at both Speings - To many that I hope that Mrs Johnston may not find it a task to remain until the end of this autumn.  But we wish - and will continue to wish that Mrs Cabell and yourself were here instead of there.


Yours very truly


J. E. Johnston



Mrs M=Laws leaves us at the end of next week.  She and Mrs J. send their love to AMrs Cabell and the Dr.@


Profr J. L. Cabell M. D.