Private                                                  Richland 9 Oct 77


My dr Charlie

Rooney goes to Richmond today or tomorrow, when he returns we might meet & talk the matter over -

We can buy --?-- (securable at par for all state dues) at 80cts I think & thus sure 20cts per dollar if we decide to buy - I have Beach looking into the matter - Read Section 3 page 363 Code of 1873 - it gives Harlan authroity to collect on the personal property - but I cant find he has that right upon Real Estate- He has written to the legatees directly as to that too - Custis >et hoc genus nune= on liable B. says Wm Burke open his real property - I wish you would also read section of 364 page in the sentence at its conclusion beginning AUnless and except so far@ etc-

If there is a claim open to the part of the Estate (per mood) we have not secd can the Estate be considered as Apaid or delivered over@ I told Harlan to hold his horses - We were considering the whole matter, etc

I am very truly yrs     Fitzhugh Lee


Chas: G. Kerr Esq-

Atty at Law 49 W. Fayette St