Arlington House.

near Alexandria Virga.


My Dr Sir.


You will recollect when I had last the pleasure of seeing you in the City, that we called on Mr & Miss Davenport, & that I gave Mr  D a little National Drawing of mine, called The Monongahela, to --?-- , with a request that it should be returned to me.-

On calling on Miss Davenport a few days ago, she told me that she thought her father returned the Drama to you in care of me,   If such was the case, may I ask your kindness to leave the Book with Mr. Fleming the Stage Manager of the National Theatre, where I can call for it.

With much respect D Sir

I remain your Obt Srvt



                                                                          George W P Custis


Henry Winder Esq.


Address on reverse:

Henry Winder Esq.

To the care of Mr. Fleming Esq


National Theatre