XML Snapshots

About the Project

Tom Whaley

Department of Computer Science

Washington and Lee University

This faculty development project was carried out during the summer of 2000. The major thrust of the project to enable the author to learn about the increasingly important technology of XML, to ascertain the current state of affairs concerning this technology, and to share the results of the study via

The project was supported by a faculty development grant through the Culpeper Grant of 1999 of the Tucker Media Center.

Why "Snapshots"?

At this point, we are taking a quick look at a rapidly changing landscape with XML. There is a rapidly growing industry developing around the XML technology. On the positive side:

At the same time it is important to realize that not all pieces to the puzzle are in place at this time:

So, the term "snapshots" implies that we are attempting to capture a limited point in time by providing several different points of view of XML as it currently exists. These snapshots can not cover the entire spectrum of issues and potential applications concerning XML. However, this will provide a realistic picture of the present and an optimistic look at what's coming. There is much that can be done effectively with XML right now. There is much more that is just around the corner.

Scope of the Project

These notes are very limited in scope and ambition - to serve as a quick introduction to XML and some of its possibilities.

The notes are certainly not intended to serve as

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