Español 112
invierno de 1999
l-v, 9 y 10 am, Tucker 402
Profesora Mayock:


HORARIO PARA LAS ENTREVISTAS FINALES :  This final interview is 1/6 of the final exam (25 points out of a total of 150).  You must show up at my office (or perhaps the Seminar Room next door) at your scheduled time and be prepared to speak solely in Spanish for the full eight minutes.
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Información del curso


Dawson and Dawson.  Dicho y hecho, 5th ed.  New York:  John Wiley & Sons, 1997.  (Textbook and workbook/laboratory manual)

Students will complete the Chapter 8 through Chapter 14 this term.  Please see schedule under “Program.”


Attendance to class is expected and necessary.  Just occupying physical space in class, however, does not constitute attendance.  Daily preparation is essential to both the understanding and accumulation of language skills and in the success of the class.  If you are not prepared, you will be considered “absent” whether or not you are occupying your place in class.  Any absence will be reflected in the attendance portion of your final grade.  More than 3 absences, for whatever reason, is considered excessive and will affect your attendance grade.


The goal of this course is to maximize each student’s potential to communicate in Spanish by understanding the language and by speaking, reading, and writing it, while at the same time enhancing cultural awareness.


The method of classroom instruction is intended to supplement the textbook and workbook, which provide students with the answers to most exercises.  Therefore, class time will be dedicated to enhancing the vocabulary and grammatical structures in the text and workbook rather than duplicating in class the student’s efforts completed in private study.


Students are expected to do the following:
1.  Read the appropriate pages from Dicho y hecho prior to coming to class.
2.  Do the corresponding Workbook exercises for each section of the chapter.  Correct your work in different color pen using the keys in the back of the WB.  Workbook exercises will always be collected two days before the chapter test.
3.  Do the corresponding computer exercises for each chapter.  You may complete these in the TMC.
4.  Do the corresponding lab exercises, to be collected the day of the chapter exam. Write and correct your answers.

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Students will take frequent announced and unannounced quizzes.  The quizzes may be written, oral, or aural.
Chapter exams will be administered just about every eighth class day.  Students may pick up their test from the Romance Languages Secretary or from the Tucker Media Center.  Tests will be available from 11 am the day before the scheduled test date until 5 pm of the scheduled test day.  You must take the test in one sitting.  Tests are not handed out between 12noon and 1 pm.  Class will not be held on test days.
A final examination will be given during the designated period at the end of the term.


You may use books, dictionaries, etc. in the preparation of your compositions.  You may ask fellow students or me specific questions.  You may not have anyone correct your composition for you.  All compositions should be typed and double-spaced and should include a word count.  No compositions will be accepted late.  Once you have gotten back the first version of your composition, you will have two days to complete a rewrite, if you wish to revise your work for a higher grade.

Compostion Topics:
#1:  Una descripción de un sueño (300-350 palabras) para el 15 de enero / *pretérito e imperfecto
#2:  El viaje de mis sueños (350 palabras) para el 26 de febrero / *presente del subjuntivo
#3:  Tema libre en el pasado (350-400 palabras) para el 22 de marzo / *pasado del subjuntivo


The final grade will be calculated on the following percentages:

15%........attendance, participation, homework
15%........oral and written quizzes
25%........chapter exams examination


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Programa de Estudio
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lunes, el 4 de enero Introducción al curso; repaso del pretérito
martes, el 5 de enero DH 8:  247-58 
miércoles, el 6 de enero DH 8:  258-68
jueves, el 7 de enero no hay clase 
viernes, el 8 de enero DH8:  269-73
lunes, el 11 de enero DH 8:  274-78 / WB 8 due
martes, el 12 de enero DH 8:  279-80 / REPASO / Lab 8 due
miércoles, el 13 de enero PRUEBA 8
jueves, el 14 de enero no hay clase
viernes, el 15 de enero DH 9:  281-91 / Composición #1 due
lunes, el 18 de enero DH 9:  291-97
martes, el 19 de enero DH 9:  297-304
miércoles, el 20 de enero DH 9:  305-09
jueves, el 21 de enero no hay clase
viernes, el 22 de enero DH 9:  310-13 / WB 9 due
lunes, el 25 de enero DH 9, REPASO / Lab 9 due
martes, el 26 de enero PRUEBA 9
miércoles, el 27 de enero DH 10:  315-25
jueves, el 28 de enero DH 10:  326-33
viernes, el 29 de enero DH 10:  334-42 
lunes, el primero de febrero DH 10:  342-43
martes, el 2 de febrero DH 10:  344-47 / WB 10 due
miércoles, el 3 de febrero DH 10:  348-51 / REPASO / Lab 10 due
jueves, el 4 de febrero no hay clase
viernes, el 5 de febrero PRUEBA 10
lunes, el 8 de febrero DH 11:  353-64
martes, el 9 de febrero DH 11:  364-68
miércoles, el 10 de febrero DH 11:  368-72
jueves, el 11 de febrero no hay clase
viernes, el 12 de febrero DH 11:  373-77
lunes, el 22 de febrero DH 11:  378-81 / WB 11 due
martes, el 23 de febrero DH 11:  382-85 / REPASO /Lab 11 due
miércoles, el 24 de febrero PRUEBA 11 
jueves, el 25 de febrero no hay clase
viernes, el 26 de febrero DH 12:  387-95 / Composición #2 due
lunes, el primero de marzo DH 12:  395-403
martes, el 2 de marzo DH 12:  403-09
miércoles, el 3 de marzo DH 12:  410-14
jueves, el 4 de marzo no hay clase
viernes, el 5 de marzo DH 12:  415-16 / WB 12 due
lunes, el 8 de marzo DH 12:  417-18 / Lab 12 due; **Tutorial #19, 35, 37, 38, 39
martes, el 9 de marzo PRUEBA 12
miércoles, el 10 de marzo no hay clase*
jueves, el 11 de marzo DH 13:  419-33*
viernes, el 12 de marzo DH 13:  433-38
lunes, el 15 de marzo DH 13:  439-40 
martes, el 16 de marzo DH 13:  441-45 / WB 13 due
miércoles, el 17 de marzo DH 13:  446-49 / Lab 13 due / Ejercicios de repaso (Indiana University)
jueves, el 18 de marzo no hay clase / TECLA:  3/8/99 y 3/15/99 (artículos sobre la ecología)
viernes, el 19 de marzo PRUEBA 13
lunes, el 22 de marzo DH 14:  451-61 / Composición #3 due
martes, el 23 de marzo DH 14:  461-69
miércoles, el 24 de marzo DH 14:  469-75
jueves, el 25 de marzo no hay clase
viernes, el 26 de marzo DH 14:  476-80 / WB 14 due
lunes, el 29 de marzo REPASO 14 / Lab 14 due
martes, el 30 de marzo REPASO FINAL (Capítulos 8-14) / Formato para el EXAMEN FINAL
miércoles, el 31 de marzo ENTREVISTAS INDIVIDUALES (no hay clase normal)
jueves, el primero de abril ENTREVISTAS INDIVIDUALES (no hay clase normal)
viernes, el 2 de abril ENTREVISTAS INDIVIDUALES (no hay clase normal)
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Lista de estudiantes: 
                                                             Paul  Saupe
                                                            Nefertiti  Phipps-Smith
                                                            T.W. Leshner
                                                            Adey Tsega
                                                            Oneal  Russell
                                                            Theodore Wells
                                                            Richard Lesko
                                                            Georgiana Hickam
                                                            Nick Sayers
                                                            John Jensen
                                                            Timothy Angelillo
                                                            Chad Braley
                                                            Scott Patton
                                                            Wesley Rentz
                                                            Matthew Gallo
                                                            Kathleen Johnson
                                                            Megan Babst
                                                            Stephanie Sweet
                                                            Jean Marie Jennings
                                                            Michael Stefan
                                                            Zac Vuncannon
                                                            Mark King
                                                            Kate Bidwell
                                                            Kristin Herman
                                                            Louis Sterchi
                                                            Andrew Roberts
                                                            Amanda McConnell
                                                            Thomas Patterson
                                                            Rebekah Ahn
                                                            Claiborne Taylor
                                                            Richard Bendall
                                                            Andrew Dalgliesh
                                                            Susan Ruge
                                                            Justin Novak
                                                            Geoffrey Marshall
                                                            Adam Faillace
                                                            Chad Casto

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The W&L Writing Center (Payne 2B [or not 2B, that is the question]) is open from 8-10 pm, Sundays through Thursdays.  There are tutors available to help with writing IN SPANISH on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights.  These are great students who can give lots of help!


miércoles, el 31 de marzo:

9:00am  Paul Saupe
9:08am  Geoff Marshall
9:24am John Jensen
9:32am  TW Leshner
9:40am Michael Stefan
9:48am Stephanie Sweet
10:08am  Nefertiti Phipps-Smith
10:16am  Ted Wells
10:24am  Kate Bidwell
10:32am  Scott Patton
10:40am  Rebekah Ahn
10:48am  Adey Tsega

jueves, el primero de abril:

9:16am Matthew Gallo
9:24am  Chad Braley
9:32am Megan Babst
9:40am Claiborne Taylor
9:48am Chad Casto
10:00am Richard Bendall
10:08am Neeley Russell
10:16am Kristin Herman
10:24am Wes Rentz
10:32am  Andrew Roberts
10:40am Susan Ruge

viernes, el 2 de abril

9:16am Jean Marie Jennings
9:40am Katie Johnson
9:48am Zac Vuncannon
10:00am Amanda McConnell
10:08am Andrew Dagliesh
10:16am Louis Sterchi
10:24am Richard Lesko
10:32am Nick Sayers
10:40am Georgie Hickam
10:48am Tim Angelillo

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Enlaces interesantes:
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