Women’s and Gender Studies 120:
Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies

and Feminist Theory

Fall, 2010
MWF, 11:15-12:10, DuPont 202

Professor Ellen Mayock

(Professors usually rotate annually or biannually.)

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Course description

According to the Catalog, "This course illustrates the rationale and necessity of women studies and women issues, presents a plurality of feminist perspectives in a dialogic manner, and broadens the views and knowledge of students with regard to various theories that have developed over the past several decades in the area of feminist thought.  Furthermore, the course familiarizes students with some major achievements by women thinkers, artists, performers, writers, scientists, and scholars and the contributions that these achievements have made to knowledge and to our lives in general.  The course is interdisciplinary in approach and methodology, and draws ideas and theories from the various disciplines and areas of artistic and intellectual expression, with a view to present a rich and complex understanding of the issues concerning women and feminism, as well as of the important roles that women have played throughout history, in shaping our world."


This course helps students attain the following goals:

1.  learning to use gender as a tool of analysis

2.  developing a facility with several key concepts (including social construction, structural oppression, and intersectionality) that have been central to Women's Studies and feminist theory

3.  gaining a basic understanding of a variety of feminist perspectives

4.  increasing knowledge about both the particularity and the diversity of women's experiences

5.  understanding how Women's Studies and feminist theory have influenced the production of knowledge in a variety of academic disciplines.

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Reading List

     Recommended reading: 

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GROUP A:   John, Justine, Ryleigh

GROUP B:   Catherine, Hailey, Nate

GROUP C:  Jennie, Liz, Maddy

GROUP D:  Jackie, Kira

GROUP E:  Gillian, Lindsey

Final Grade

*Please note:  Each student must plan to attend two campus events related to women's issues. After attending the event, students should e-mail Prof. Mayock with a 1-2 paragraph critique of the event.

Attendance (includes 2 extra events), preparation, participation


Writing Assignments (5 at 5%; includes "academic journals" assignment)


Oral presentations (includes 2 group presentations of readings and "academic journals" project)


Final Exam


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